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Welcome to the website of Wulro, Eggs & Egg Products

Wulro is an independent family company with a long tradition in export and processing of eggs. In 1884 the company was founded.
It was mainly kept himself busy with egg business. In the eighties has started to produce egg products.

In 1996 the company passed from father to sons. This acquisition has begun the expansion of an agile company with its products continuously tuned to the highest standards and demands of its customers.

Meanwhile, the egg production of the main branch of the company has become.

Many companies know Wulro as a reliable producer of high quality egg products. Wulro customers include industrial bakeries, distillers, potato processing industry, meat industry, ice cream industry and producers of salads, dressings and sauces. Thanks to flexible and timely delivery of quality specialized egg Egg has Wulro BV satisfied customers throughout Europe.

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