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Wulro B.V. is a professional company that focuses on the delivery of high-quality products to its customers. The professionalism of Wulro B.V. is linked to the quality that the company delivers. Wulro B.V. therefore believes that regulations are very important and it sets high requirements with regard to the quality of its products, hygiene and the production process itself.


Wulro B.V. believes it is important that hygiene levels be kept high at the company. This is linked to the fact that the company produces food. Hygiene must be of a top quality if Wulro B.V. wants to guarantee the quality of the food. Wulro B.V. employees wear long white lab coats, use hair nets and follow strict hygiene rules. The carrier also complies with a hygiene code with regard to the transport, storage and distribution of the egg products.


To conclude, Wulro has three certificates and it is supervised by the I.K.E. (Institute for Egg Quality Management) and the NCAE. The professionalism of Wulro B.V. is really noticeable because of the strict regulations that are adhered to and this is viewed as positive by our customers. Check out our services now and please do contact us if there are any issues or you have a question about the company or our eggs.

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