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Egg distributor with years of experience

Wulro is a family owned business specialised in the processing and retail of egg products in the European and international market. The industry of egg production has consolidated over the last few years due to the decline in the amount of egg processing companies. The wholesale distribution started this trend due to the fact that they joined forces. This trend is further visible in the complete food industry.
Even after all these years, Wilro still is an independent liquid egg distributor. To still be able to work independently in today`s world, the company works with driven automization, a great quality strategy and fuel integration. Therefore, Wulro is an egg distributor that guarantees a continous supply of liquid eggs.

A household name

Wulro is a household name when it comes to being a liquid egg distributor. This is accomplished by its driven automization, broad quality strategy and fuel integration. As a result of this Wulro can guarantee its clients that it can be flexible and have a continuity in supply of liquid eggs. Many egg distributors do not have an in-house factory and will obtain their eggs through outsourcing. Other companies must depend on others to have their eggs in time, whereas we at Wulro produce the liquid eggs in our own factory. This proces is done in a great amount of numbers and therefore Wulro is able to supply to many big and important food concerns.

Wulro: Business-to-Business egg distributor

Wulro is a liquid egg distributor that supplies its eggs to other businesses. Wulro supplies to industrial bakeries, potato processing companies, distilling companies, the meat and ice cream industries and producers of pasta, dressing and sauces.
Each customer has specific requirements and needs. If needed,  we can adjust our recipes to your needs and deliver a customized product. Afterwards, our egg distributor will deliver the eggs just-in-time with customized packaging and product characteristics.
Are you looking for an experienced egg distributor? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We will listen to your needs and wishes and send you a great offer that exactly fits your needs.

Dutch Egg Powder Solutions B.V. - DEPS In 2015 Wulro established a brand new state of the art egg powder factory that produces high-quality egg powder. Read more
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