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Looking for an international liquid egg exports? Wulro!

Wulro is active in the European market for many years already. However, the company does not have any limits when it comes to delivering liquid eggs. At Wulro we have our own transportation, which makes it easy to supply our customers with liquid eggs. The company is a family owned business and has its liquid eggs exported to the entire world.

Your order from processing to egg export

Wulro is very focused on the satisfaction of itst customers. Therefore, we plan appointments with our clients to discuss every possibility that fits in with their wishes and demands. This is done to ensure that Wulro can optimally take all these points into account when the production starts. After the appointment, we will start the production process. Wulro ensures that the eggs are exported to the right destination after the production is finished and that the eggs are put in the right packaging. It does not matter if the products need to be shipped off to Europe or other continents. Wulro has its own transport and therefore a high amount of the orders can be exported with trucks.

Special transport for liquid eggs

The eggs produced in our factory can be delivered anywhere in the world. Our eggs are pasteurised and kept in a cool container in order to be bacteria free. The liquid eggs are exported in trucks throughout Europe. Is the destination set outside of Europe? On that occasion the liquid eggs most likely will be transported via shipment. However, in these cases special transportation is necessary. The packaged liquid eggs are stored in a cooled container when being transported to your factory, which ensures you that the product is in great shape at arrival.

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