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Wulro: your liquid egg supplier!

At Wulro we make sure that each company can be provided with liquid eggs. Therefore, we have become an international egg supplier. This is mainly accomplished due to our transport system. Our trucks drive the given order(s) to your factory. If other forms of transportation are necessary, we will discuss the possible options beforehand with our clients.

Liquid egg supplier for many different groups

Wulro puts its main focus on the business-to-business market. It is not surprising that we are an egg supplier for other factories and companies and we deliver egg products in bulk. At Wulro we have a main focus on several target audiences. We mainly deliver liquid egg components to groups or companies that are active as distilling companies, producers of salads, sauces and dressings or companies that operate in the potato processing, meat or ice cream industries. Additionally, we supply the industrial bakeries with high amounts of liquid eggs. We produce a steady flow and large amounts of liquid eggs. This is one of the reasons why we can supply to many large enterprises at once.

The transportation

Wulro was founded  in 1984. Since then, the company has expanded and maintained great relations with poultry farmers. Because of this close contact, the company has gained knowledge and experience that are still very prominent in the complete process nowadays. As a result of our professionalism, Wulro is able to be one of the largest liquid egg suppliers in the market. Our trucks are especially developed to transport liquid eggs. If needed, we also use several external egg suppliers and transporters that meet the high standards regarding hygiene.
Moreover, Wulro is an egg supplier that works on an international level. Therefore, it is possible for international companies to come to Wulro and hand in an order with specific requests for their liquid eggs. Are you interested in what we can offer your company? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We can arrange a meeting quickly and discuss your needs regarding us as an experienced egg supplier.

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