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Wulro: your personal liquid egg producer!

At Wulro we produce a large number of liquid eggs. These are semi-finished products available in several forms. You can choose to have liquid whole eggs, egg yolks or just the egg whites. Wulro B.V. has gained a lot of experience and knowledge via its relationships with many poultry farmers . Because of this, Wulro has become the liquid egg producer it is today. We provide egg yolk, egg whites and the liquid and powder version of whole eggs.

A sustainable egg production

Eggs that arrive at Wulro are cracked and separated mechanically. The eggs are separated in three unique constituents: liquid whole eggs, liquid egg whites and liquid egg yolks. Each element of the egg has its own quality and function. Wulro is a sustainable liquid egg producer as it can use every piece of the egg. In case of a surplus in the amount of eggs, these products will be turned into powder. By doing so, the eggs can last longer and the waste is kept to a minimum.
In addition to this, Wulro works with strict procedural rules of the I. K. E. institute of quality control of eggs. The eggs used in the egg production meet the legal requirements that are set up by the NCAE. This is the Dutch authority that checks the eggs.

Your partner

Wulro B.V. is your liquid egg producer when it comes to eggs. We supply companies with eggs or egg products that are pasteurised or homogenized. Whether your company is located in The Netherlands or internationally does not matter, because we deliver our products worldwide. Furthermore, after the egg production is finished, we transport the eggs to your company with our own transportation. As a result of this, we can guarantee that our services are flexible and customized. Do you need to know more about us as a liquid egg producer? Get in touch with us through our contact form.

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