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Egg product supplier

Wulro delivers egg products to a wide variety of companies like industrial bakeries, distillers, potato processing companies, and the meat and ice cream industry. For each of these customers, a specific recipe is made. Just-in-time delivery,  customized packaging, and the product`s characteristics are the main focus during this process.

Product range egg product supplier Wulro

Wulro supplies a variety of products. All of the products mentioned below are made either from enriched caged eggs, free-range eggs, or organic eggs.

Powdered eggs
Wulro manufactures different types of powdered eggs, like:

  • powdered whole eggs;
  • powdered egg yolk;
  • and powered egg white.

Liquid eggs
You can choose either homogenized or pasteurized eggs:

  • whole eggs (without additives, with salt and with sugar);
  • egg yolk (without additives, with salt and with sugar);
  • egg white (without additives, with salt and with sugar).

These aforementioned liquid eggs can also be delivered in frozen form.

Quality egg product supplier Wulro

Egg product supplier Wulro has several certificates that guarantee the quality of the products they deliver. Since 2007, for instance, they have been given a grade A, the highest level, by the BRC, which is an organization that maintains the standard in the field of food safety. Other certificates include:

  • the NCAE approved HACCP recognition;
  • the GMP+ B1 certificate for the production of feed material;
  • the GMP+ B4 certificate for the transport of animal feed;
  • KAT certificate;
  • BIO certificate;
  • kosher certificate;

Besides the above mentioned certificates, Wulro is one of the few companies that has a recognition for the processing of eggshells to category-3-material (EG 7974).

In addition, because of the application of first-rate technology, an automated operating system, and an up-to-date quality control system, egg product supplier Wulro is able to maintain the high standards with regard to the food safety.

Egg product supplier Wulro

Egg product supplier Wulro was founded in 1884. Whereas Wulro only concentrated on the egg trade in the early days, nowadays the main focus of their business is producing and selling egg products. In 1996, the company was handed down from father to son. When this happened, a beginning was made with the expansion of a company which continuously adjusts its products to the quality requirements and the wishes of the their clients. Today, Wulro is the key egg product supplier of the most important food concerns in Europe.

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