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Wulro egg products are prepared from guaranteed fresh eggs from selected poultry farms. A great deal of attention is focused on the purchasing of eggs in order to guarantee optimum freshness.
All incoming eggs are checked for quality deviations by in-house employees and the INDAS (Services Inspectorate for the Agrarian Sector). The reports prepared by the INDAS are also sent to the poultry farms concerned to ensure that they remain updated regarding the quality delivered.     
After the incoming eggs are inspected, they are broken and the shell is immediately separated from the egg contents. The egg shells are centrifuged, crushed into smaller pieces and dried in a high-quality drying installation. Wulro is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that has been awarded a quality mark by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority for the manner in which it processes its egg shells.
The whole egg, the egg white or the yolk is then filtered, cooled and stored in refrigerated tanks. Additives (e.g. salt, sugar) are then sometimes added, and the product is homogenized and pasteurized with the help of plate pasteurizers. After pasteurization, the product is packaged in one of the various types of packaging.

The entire production process - from the initial ingredients until the final product - is managed and controlled with the help of a special control program. This ensures complete traceability from the initial ingredients until the final product and vice versa.

Dutch Egg Powder Solutions B.V. - DEPS In 2015 Wulro established a brand new state of the art egg powder factory that produces high-quality egg powder. Read more
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