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Egg trade Wulro B.V.

Egg trade Wulro B.V. has always built up and maintained very good relationships with poultry farmers since it was established in 1884. This experience has led to Eierhandel Wulro B.V. being in control of the entire egg trade process. We, for example, supply egg yolks, egg whites and the liquid and power variants of an entire egg.

Sustainable eggs

Our eggs are mechanically split into three unique elements: Egg, egg yolk and egg white semi-finished products. Each element has its own quality and function. Wulro B.V., furthermore, only operates in accordance with the strictest IKE procedure regulations. Instituut Kwaliteitscontrole Eieren (Institute for Egg Quality Management). The eggs and/or egg products also meet legal requirements of the NCAE (Netherlands Controlling Authority Eggs).

Your partner

Wulro B.V. is your partner if it involves eggs. We deliver eggs and/or egg products both as pasteurised and homogenised products to the domestic and international market. Eggs are picked up from the poultry farmers under our own management and using our own transport facilities. This guarantees flexible services at all times for our customers.

If you would like more information about the services that Wulro B.V. can supply, please contact us using the contact form.

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